AC310 High Performance Vector Frequency Inverter

AC310-XL Special Inverter Overview

AC310-XL special frequency converter for cable industry is a product continuously developed on the high-performance vector technology platform of VEICHI. It adopts field-oriented vector control technology, compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor control. Moreover, under the premise of high performance and high reliability, the components are arranged reasonably to realize the book-style narrow body design. The design has strengthened customer ease of use and industry professionalism, and is equipped with a wealth of expansion interfaces. AC220V(Single phase) 0.75-15KW AC220(Three phase) 0.75-55KW AC380(Three phase) 0.75-710KW Model:AC310-T/S2-R75G-B、AC310-T/S2-1R5G-B,AC310-T/S2-2R2G-B,AC310-T/S2-004G-B,AC310-T/S2-5R5G-B,AC310-T/S2-7R5G-B,AC310-T/S2-011G-B,AC310-T/S2-015G,AC310-T2-018G,AC310-T2-022G,AC310-T2-030G,AC310-T2-037G,AC310-T2-045G,AC310-T2-055G,AC310-T3-R75G/1R5P-B,AC310-T3-1R5G/2R2P-B,AC310-T3-2R2G-B,AC310-T3-004G/5R5P-B,AC310-T3-5R5G/7R5P-B,AC310-T3-7R5G/011P-B,AC310-T3-011G/015P-B,AC310-T3-015G/018P-B,AC310-T3-018G/022P-B,AC310-T3-022G/030P-B 1. Narrow book design, beautiful, convenient and space-saving installation cabinet. 2. Independent air duct design, the fan can be disassembled freely, and the heat dissipation is good. 3. The PCB is all thickened with three anti-paint treatment, which is more reliable. 4. High seismic design, easy to deal with the vibration of the wire drawing machine. 5. Abundant expansion capabilities, IO card, communication card, GPRS, PG card, etc. 6. Can be applied to a variety of cable equipment.

AC310-XL has a variety of cable equipment applications, smart macro selection one-key setting

Feature rich

1. Independent calculation of cable length, weight, current line speed, etc., without peripheral equipment. 2. The disconnection detection function is comprehensive, and the software can automatically judge the system disconnection or the proximity switch input disconnection, and the extension time can be set freely. 3. Brake signal output, you can freely set the brake action frequency and brake maintenance time. 4. The smooth start function ensures that the material tension quickly reaches stability during start-up.

Synchronous and asynchronous integrated drive

Compatible with CANopen bus interface and supports modularization of distributed slave stations Standard Modbus communication, support multiple sets of data interaction between master and slave system, simplify field wiring

Superior performance

Using high-performance vector control technology, low-frequency torque is large, load response is fast, open loop 0.5Hz 150% torque output. Closed loop 0Hz200% torque output. The unique PID control algorithm quickly responds to the tension and reaches a stable state instantaneously. The tension control algorithm is integrated, and no external control circuit is required.

Industrial Applications for AC310-XL Special Inverter

Applications:Water tank wire drawing machine, straight wire drawing machine, pulley type wire drawing machine, non-swing rod wire drawing machine, power pay-off, tension frame winding, etc.

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