AE series Planetary reducer

[video width="1620" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]1. Product featuress: PL/PF/AE/AB/AD/VRB Series: 1.Planetary boom and output shaft are intergrated structure designed to ensure maximum torsional rigidity; 2.Planetary wheel with full needle design,increase the contact area to improve the rigidity and output torque; 3.The gears are carburized and quenched to the HRC62 with low carbon steel surface for optimum wear and impact toughness; 4.Gears refer to forengn imported software-assisted design to obtain the best tooth shape to reduce noise; 5.The input terminal is connected to the motor shaft in a double-tight manner to obtain the maximum clamping force and sero backlash power transmission. 2. Technical indexes : 1、AE series: Flange dimensions :AE050 & AE070 & AE090 & AE120 & AE155 & AE205 & AE235 Product description : Helical planetary reducer Factory Direct Circular flange output High-precision High torque Good transmission stability Low noise Long life Match any brand of motor 3. Product characteristics : Ratio: Single tage, i=3-10  & Double stage, i=15-100 Efficiency:  Single tage,  ≧97,&  Double stage,≧94 Precision Backlash: Single tage,P1≦3  ,Double stage,P1≦5 Standard Backlash:Single tage,P2≦5  ,Double stage,P2≦8 Economic Backlash:Single tage,P3≦8  ,Double stage,P3≦12 Installation form:Vertical installation Emergency stop torque: Triple rated output torque Lifespan: 20000hr Working temperature: -10℃-90℃ IP Grade: IP65