DA145-C2 Linear Motor Module

Product features: independent research and development design, lightweight and miniaturized linear motor standard products; Product advantages: Fully replace screw module+servo motor, with better cost performance; Application: It has been widely used in tabletop dispensing machine, screw locking machine, soldering machine, loading and unloading and handling, etc. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://www.xulonggk.com/uploads/直驱电机(中英文)9-16_20221014_10273865_20221014_10490852.mp4"][/video] DA60 series:DA60-B1,DA60-S-B1 DA82  series:DA82-B15,DA82-B2 DA95  series:DA95-B15,DA95-B2 DA115 series:DA115-B15,DA115-B2 DA145 series:DA145-C2,DA145-C3 DA195 series:DA195-C2,DA195-C3 DA210 series:DA210-L2 DA230 series:DA230-L2 DA145-C2  Application characteristics:
※ Effective Trave:60-1200mm
※Sustained Thrust:225.8N
※ Peak Thrust:900N
※ Load:Horizontal installation:≤35kg
                   Side hanging installation:≤25kg
                   Maximum speed limit:2000mm/s
※ Accuracy:Magnetic column:±5μm
※ Straightness:±10μm/300mm
It can be customized according to the application scenario