DKW168-C3-W090 Linear Motor Module

Product features: independent research and development design, manufacturing linear motor stator; Product advantages: high thrust, high speed, high acceleration, high precision, long stroke, multi-Mover application; Application: It has been widely used in laser, semiconductor, panel industry, 3C mobile phone equipment industry, lithium battery industry, clothing industry, photovoltaic industry and so on. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="直驱电机(中英文)9-16_20221014_10273865_20221014_10490852.mp4"][/video] DKM series: linear motor with iron core DKW88 series:DKW88-B15-W040,DKW88-B2-W040 DKW119 series:DKW119-C15-W060,DKW119-C2-W060,DKW119-C3-W060 DKW120 series:DKW120-B15-W060,DKW120-B2-W060,DKW120-B3-W060 DKW168  series:DKW168-C2-W090,DKW168-C3-W090 DKW188  series:DKW188-C2-W090,DKW188-C3-W090 DKW168-C3-W090  Application characteristics:
※ Base Width:168mm
※ Effective Trave:60-1620mm
※Sustained Thrust:561N
※ Peak Thrust:2244N
※ Load:Horizontal installation:≤80kg
                   Side hanging installation:≤60kg
※ Accuracy:Magnetic column:±5μm
※ Straightness:±10μm/300mm
1. Non-standard linear motor modules, various single-drive gantry, double-drive gantry, marble gantry, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements; 2. Non-standard customized application platform and multi-Mover application design can be developed and designed according to customer application scenarios.