G-4-1 42 stepping driver 2NS422

The Bergerda series of digital stepping drivers, based on a 32-bit DSP platform, utilizes micro-segmentation technology and PID current control algorithm design to provide a full range of performance beyond the ordinary analog stepping drivers. ·PID parameter adjustment function to better meet different types of load applications .Micro-segmentation control algorithm to improve the smoothness of the motor in each speed segment .Comman smoothing function makes the motor acceleration and deceleration process smoother . Low speed vibration suppression , motor low speed resonance amplitude reduced by 80% .Application fields: engraving machine, screw machine, stripping machine, marking machine, cutting machine, solid crystal machine, plotter, CNC machine tool, automatic assembly equipment, etc. 42 stepping driver 2NS422 Based on ARM's new 32-bit multi-channel DSP processing chip platform, using internal PID current control algorithm design, with excellent performance. The built-in micro-segmentation technology and the automatic tuning function of the power-on parameter make the driver have the characteristics of low noise, low vibration low heat and high-speed high-moment output , and can be well adapted to most applications of stepping motors . ·Pulse mode:single pulse/CW/CCW pulse .Signal level: 5V/24V separate wiring, simple and practical, strong anti-interference ability .Typical applications: stripping machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser equipment, visual positioning, automatic equipment and so on. The application effect is particularly good in a device where the user desires high speed and small noise .