Low voltage DC servo driver IDS306

1、DC Servo Drive
The low-voltage DC servo driver is developed with high-performance processor to provide users with a cost-effective solution. On the premise of ensuring stability and reliability, it pursues the function and performance closest to the application. Compared with stepping products, it has low noise, low heating, high speed, constant torque output and no step loss; Compared with closed-loop stepping products, it completely abandons the inherent disadvantages of stepping products,and has better function, performance and reliability; Compared with foreign well-known servo, it has close performance, affordable price, easy to use and high security. The low-voltage DC servo driver has the advantages of small volume, simple installation and convenient debugging. It can adapt to various motors only by modifying the parameters such as motor angle, pole number and encoder line number. It is called universal servo driver by many customers.
Ids306 is compact and powerful. It is especially suitable for applications with high-performance sports requirements and narrow installation space. It can be customized according to needs. It is a cost-effective servo drive scheme.
2、Application characteristics
※ Working Voltage:24~80VDC
※ Output Current:Peak value10~50A
※ Adaptive motor:5~1500W Various low voltage DC servo motors
※ Control mode: External Pulse (Single ended / Differential), Analog quantity, CAN bus, RS485 bus, RS232 communication control, IO control, etc., Supporting position, Speed and Torque modes
※ Parameter debugging: Adopt RS232 communication, PC debugging software or Handheld debugger for debugging, and backup and import parameters
※ Protection function: It has alarm functions such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overload, overcurrent, excessive position deviation, encoder abnormality, etc
※ Built in acceleration and deceleration, smooth operation when starting and stopping
※ It supports torque reset without origin, and can customize the packaging control function
※ Accept OEM / ODM customization
Product series:
Low voltage DC servo driver IDS306
Working Voltage:24VDC
 Output Current:Peak Value 10A
Adaptive motor:5~100W Low voltage DC servo motor, Brushless DC motor with encoder or Hollow cup motor
Control mode: external pulse (Single ended / Differential), Analog quantity, CAN bus, RS232 communication control, IO control, etc., supporting position, speed and torque modes
 Tracking Error:±1pulse
 Speed control accuracy:±1PRM
 Minimum speed:1RPM
 Maximum no-load acceleration:200PRM/ms

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